Repeats do not repeat; do not work MS 3.6.2

• Aug 27, 2022 - 08:31

I upgraded to MS 3.6.2 I'm working on a score - Treble and Bass staffs - with two volta sections. I carefully entered the volta endings 1 closed and 2 open with the proper repeats. I've done this successfully before. Repeats do not work and the playback just plays into Volta 1 and through the repeat sign into Volta 2 as if no repeat is there. I made a simple test score with a single staff and a few notes. Repeats do not work. I looked in Inspector and see nothing.


Make sure the "Play repeats" button (icon looks like an end repeat bearline) is active. If it is, toggle it off and back on.
If that doesn't help, attach the score here

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I'm no expert here. I see the repeats inserted in the middle measure and inserting the repeats right at bar lines and not in the middle of measure fixed the issue. The trial sections repeat.

You have the first repeat a measure and a half in. If you really want to put it there and keep everything else intact, perhaps try dividing that second 4/4 measure into two 2/4 measure and then you can place repeats at bar lines.

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