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• Aug 27, 2022 - 09:57

I have found many soundfont, new to me too, in this post of this site, but all the download links are broken and I cannot download them. Do you have these soundfonts or do you have a copy of his files?
Thanks a lot!


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I know, but in that post the author posted a Dropbox link for many new soundfont as well. I wanted those sound fonts. I already know your website, I'm the guy who passed you ProtraxGuitar etc. You have good soundfont but not the best. (If you want I can share the ones that are also free and maybe you can fix and update them)
These are the soundfonts downloadable:
iSymphonic Grand
ThumbJam Grand Piano
ThumbJam Upright Piano
bs-16i Bright Grand
Piano in 162
iGrand Piano FREE
SampleTank Pro Grand Piano 2
SampleTank Pro Classic Piano 1
SampleTank Pro Grand Piano 1
SampleTank Grand Piano 3
SampleTank Grand Piano Warm
SampleTank Miroslav 2 Grand
SampleTank Imperial Grand Classic
Cubasis Micro Sonic Live Grand
Cubasis Micro Sonic Mellow Grand
Cubasis Micro Sonic Bright Piano
Cubasis Micro Sonic Acoustic Piano
Cubasis Minisampler Upright Piani
Cubasis Minisampler Grand S90
Cubasis Micro Sonic Piano Pickup
AuriaPro Salamander C5
AuriaPro C7 Grand
AuriaPro Classic Grand
AuriaPro Dreamwave Piano
AuriaPro Italian Grand
AuriaPro Stereo Grand
Beathawk Acoustic Grand
Ravenscroft 275 Concert
Ravenscroft 275 Classic
Ravenscroft 275 Classic without Reverb
Ivory Concert Grand
Ivory Dynamic Grand
Ivory Grand Piano
Ivory Solo Piano
These links are broken:

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