Moving staves closer

• Aug 28, 2022 - 23:04

Hi Everyone
Is there facility for moving staves closer together in an orchestral part ?


This is a solo score.
Either add a spacer to the last measure or append a vertical frame to control the amount of spreading on the page.
Another, more crude is to go into Format > Style and disable the Vertical Justification

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It's a bug that the extra space is there, but for parts as opposed to scores, the workaround of disabling vertical justification won't cause any harm, and it's probably simplest, because you can then hit the "Apply to all Parts" button and apply this workaround to all parts at once. For MuseScore 4 the bug is fixed, but it won't have hurt anything to have used this workaround for parts. Just don't do it for the actual score, because that will definitely mess up layout.

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