String harmonics: diamond head notes won't make the trick.

• Aug 29, 2022 - 15:51

In order to indicate string harmonic notes, the diamond head must remain empty. No matter if it is a half note, a quarter note or a semiquaver.
Musescore diamond heads will become "full" in values shorter than half notes.
Is any way to fix this? It is a big flaw.


You can change the notehead type to the half or whole note version using the Inspector. Solid diamond heads are correct for other purposes (e.g., percussion), so it's important that it be handled normally for those other cases, but for the special case of guitar harmonics, then the Inspector is the way to override.

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Hmm, should be only a couple of extra clicks, and you'd normally already be right there in the Inspector changing the notehead group, just as easily to change type while you're at it. I guess maybe you've been using the Palette instead? Probably easier to use the Inspector and get them both at once. I assume also a plugin could automate this, making it even easier - those can even be assigned keyboard shortcuts.

Also keep in mind, you can select as many notes as you want and apply this technique to all at once. So if you have a whole series of fast notes to play in harmonics, you only need to do this once, not separately for each note.

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