Can you add a vertical mouse scroll turbo mode?

• Sep 2, 2022 - 00:59

Regular horizontal scroll using the mouse is done by holding down the SHIFT key while using the mouse wheel. But if you hold down ALT instead, the scroll goes much faster. Can a similar scheme be implemented for vertical scrolling, where mouse up-down is regular vertical scroll, but mouse up-down plus some key enables a turbo vertical scroll? I know there's the Navigator but that thing is extremely cumbersome and difficult and tiny and annoying for me to use. One little hot key is the key to the kingdom, as they say.


MuseScore 4 will have scroll bars that appear on hover, so the point is largely moot. But, FWIW, mouse accelerators are probably better implemented at the OS level. That's probably where your Alt "turbo" is coming from, and where the horizontal version would need to be implemented as well.

Meanwhile, though, there are lot more navigation methods than just these. Ctrl+F to jup to a specific measure number, page, or rehearsal mark, the Timeline which gives more detailed overview of your score, and Navigator can be resized if it's currently too small. Plus PgUp/PgDn/Home/End, etc.

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