How to show another instrument lead-in along with the main instrument part in a single stave

• Sep 8, 2022 - 10:55

I'm arranging a piece of music for a strings ensemble in which players come in sequentially. Initial bass, first violins in bar three, 2nd violins in bar five, violas and cellos in bar seven. For each part I would like to show the preceding two bars of the instrument that started before them (labelled with that instrument and in small noteheads and smaller font for dynamics). Is there a setting that allows this - rather than having to edit each element individually? Part of the problem is that I don't know the right search terms to describe this fairly common approach.

Perhaps this is an issue of engraving?


The term is "cue". However, "cue notes" is used with three (related) meanings:

a) Small notes that are actually a "cue", i.e., what you want to write;
b) Small notes for other purposes - "cue" here only means "looking like the notes for a)"
c) Small notes on a separate staff, sometimes even called a "cue staff".


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