Global font changes on several documents

• Sep 8, 2022 - 20:20

I have a large number of MuseScore files of Evening Hymns that I want to combine into an informal Evensong Hymnal. Unfortunately, they do not all conform to the same styles. Is there any way to make global changes to the formatting of a group of documents? I want to change Format Styles and Page Settings—page margins, fonts, etc. I am using a Mac and have some experience with AppleScript, but really what I would like to find is maybe a web page that lays out how to do it, supposing such a resource exists.


Well, when you get one score set up the way you want, use Format / Save Style, and it will create a file you can then load into the other scores via Format / Load Style, that will update all style and page settings. But as for finding a way to automate that beyond opening each file one by one and going to that menu I don't know. The whole process takes a few seconds, so realistically, even if it's a couple hundred files, it could be faster to do it that way than to try to figure out how to automate it. but you sure want to get it right the first time so you don't have go through that whole process again if you later discover you missed a setting.

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