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• Sep 12, 2022 - 21:30


So I'm on my way to having a new rig/setup for writing my music. I used a QY700 and digital piano for years, and I'll share some at the bottom of this post.

What I'm wondering is how I would use a tablet or I pad with my new piano. Just thinking of putting the tablet on the music rest and then being able to step sequence or enter notes, then have the tablet device play the piano itself. So I could still be using the good samples of my digital piano.

I am thinking of trying to learn if a I Pad would be sufficient. and how new it has to be to work with Musescore and my digital piano (USB).

I'll poke around the Musescore site and hope to hear back from you guys!


PS here's some piano pieces I wrote with the QY

https://soundcloud.com/jdsy/3-symbols-for-piano short ideas
these sound like someone could actually play this

https://soundcloud.com/jdsy/dog-yard minor key piano piece
this is gnarly and crazy super sequenced piano!



MuseScore does not run an any iPad. Only on "desktop" (which also includes laptop) computers - Windows, macOS, and Linux (which also means, Chromebooks). There are a number of Windows & Chromebook tablets, and they do work with MuseScore, although realistically, the experience isn't great without a keyboard, since the program wasn't designed for that.

There is a reader/player app for MuseScore file you can run on an iPad, so after using your computer to do the composing, you can use your iPad to enjoy the results.

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hey so when you say you need a keyboard, are you meaning a typing keyboard for commands/shortcuts ect?

Would be awesome if there was a way to have the digital piano and tablet seamlessly interact. but maybe this is for a different program. the qy is great but it's not helping me learn sheet music at all. I want to expand my knowledge of music / theory / composition, so I don't want to be such a renegade making what ever sounds good. I need a bit of structure and guidance.

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Yes, I mean a computer keyboard. You can do most things in MuseScore with only a mouse or touch screen, but there a number of operations that require keyboard, or at least are much easier that way. I've used my Surface Pro this way (with the keyboard detached) on occasion just to see if it can be done, and it can, but it's nowhere near as convenient.

FWIW, you'll probably also find the computer keyboard is a more efficient way of entering notation into MuseScore or pretty much any notation program, although MIDi keyboards can be used.

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Hi Marc! I use MuseScore on my PC laptop with an alphanumeric keyboard, and one thing I quickly discovered was that, by happy coincidence, all of the pitch-letters fall under the the left hand of the keyboard, leaving the right free to enter durations on the number pad. That means in theory, a simple, monophonic melody line could be entered as quickly as one types "the quick brown sax jumps over the lazy bass." (Of course, chords, articulations, dynamics, yada yada . .)

The MuseScore reader/player app sounds inviting; where do I find it to download?

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