Realizing ornamentation in Musescore

• Sep 15, 2022 - 00:02

I sometimes like to include actual notes with ornaments to show myself and others that they really do fit within the meter. I have the standard Bach table of ornaments and noticed that what MS plays does not always match with the table.

I was wondering if there was documentation, a table or something that tells how MS is going to interpret each ornament. Having asked on the musescore group on Facebook with no real answer coming my way I thought I'd try here.


I don't think there is anything officially published, but they are pretty standard. And if you right-click the measure and then choose Piano Roll Editor, you can see what was selected. Note some ornaments have options you can set in the Inspector, and you'll see Baroque is a separate style. For most ornaments there is no difference, but for some there is, I think, and maybe that would come closer to the table you are looking at.

That was exactly what I needed. I had no idea that the piano roll editor was always there and would interpret these things.

My ornaments did indeed change when I switched them to Baroque

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