Correct Ossia notation and interpretation of Baroque ornaments

• Sep 22, 2022 - 05:06

Attached is a copy of ABRSM Grade 5 A1 Aria J.S. Bach (2019-20200.

I implemented the newest way to create ossia and put them into the places that call for a short trill.

Does this look right and do people agree with my interpretation of the short trill?

Also is there a way to get rid of all the extra space made by the invisible staff?

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I agree with your interpretation, but do you really need to repeat the examples for every occurence? I'd have thought that after the first line you could omit the remainder - but maybe you are using this for teaching purposes. Anyway, you can adjust the space beween staves and systems by using Format - Style - Page and experimenting with the maximum and minimum distances for staves and systems.


No, I really don't need to repeat every single time. Part of me was testing this method. So nice. The other part is that as I sat down to work out the fingering, I realized that I had lingering questions about the interpretation of the short trill. By being able to visualize each note I was able to help out my fingering. So yes, it was educational but autodidactic in nature.

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