Shortcut for ties

• Sep 28, 2022 - 21:02

OS: Linux Mint 21, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-3140861968, revision: a78c972

Hello, in the shortcuts, two actions have the same shortcut. (+) is entered for the tie over of notes and for the accidental cross. Who came up with that? I use it only for ties, but it does not work (because it activates the other function).

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That won't be the case in a new install or once you reset your preferences. As of last night's build, "T" is now the tie shortcut, "+" is sharp. You must have still had "+" leftover for tie from earlier - as did most of us of course. Hit the reset to default and for the tie command and it should be fixed.

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That's definitely going to cause problems, not just here. But for the record, any customization of shortcuts made in a previous nightly build will result in a similar conflict. Part of the price of testing nightly builds. Best to revert to factory settings periodically, as any number of other default settings changes can get missed along the way otherwise.

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FWIW, this is probably the biggest change in defaults for 4.0. MuseScore has gone way way way too long without any shortcuts at all for the accidentals, but there was no way to add ones that made any sense at all and worked across different systems, without creating a conflict somewhere else. -/+/= for flat/sharp/natural were the ones finally decided upon after much deliberation. Way better than anything I've ever tried assigning to them and then forgotten a few hours later. So I figure learning a new tie shortcut is a small price.

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