Very first step

• Sep 29, 2022 - 14:18

On my very first day working with Musescore I feel like giving up.
I am trying to name my score but cannot find how to type the Irish name
Cead Mile Failte Romhat. The letter 'e' in the first word should have an inflection
Same with letter"i' on second word. Two hours trying to get solutions, no success
Can anybody help?


Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Luckily, this is simple to solve. Sure, while typing text, either click the icon at the far left of the text toolbar at the bottom of the screen - or use the keyboard shortcut F2 - to bring up the Special Characters palette. You can't so this in the wizard that comes up when you first create the score, but don't worry, just finished the wizard with an accent-less title, then double-click the title in the score to edit it. Then you can get to Special Characters.

For more info on that topic, see the "Text editing" section of the free online Handbook - definitely your best friend in learning MuseScore (although we here in the forums can be a close second)!

"... I am trying to name my score but cannot find how to type the Irish name"

Do you mean "change the file name to include Irish characters" or "change the title at the head of the first score page to include Irish characters"?

If you are trying to change the filename, then those special characters will not survive an upload to - the special characters will just be chopped out.

If you are tring to change the title at the top of your score (above the music), here is what you do:
1a. If you already have a Title field to fill, type any characters which you can.
1b. If you don't have a Title field, insert a vertical frame:
- Add > Frames > Insert Vertical Frame
- select the frame > right-click > Add > Title
- type any characters which you can
2. Leave the cursor at the point where you need to insert a special character.
3. Use the F2 function to open the Special Characters window, and find the character you need on the Common Symbols tab.
4. Use the mouse to click the required character, which inserts that character into your text.
5. Use F2 again to close the Special Characters window.

If the Common Symbols tab does not have the characters you need, you might need to look on the Unicode Symbols tab of the Special Characters window - perhaps in the Latin Extended Additional section?

See also the "Text editing" section in the Handbook:

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