ABC import has stopped working

• Sep 17, 2014 - 16:04

I'm having problems with ABC imports in MuseScore 1.3 (tag mismatch at line 5 column 7 - every time). I've downloaded the Beta version of MuseScore 2.0 but can't find an ABC import there at all.
I have read previous conversations about similar problems, but none of the solutions apply: or else, I don't understand them.

I'm not much of an IT person... help? Please?


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[EDIT: oops, sorry, misread]

If you are using 1.3, have you installed the plugin? If so, what specifically goes wrong when you run it? the same error as shown in the original report? Can you post the ABC file you are having trouble with? Probably a question for the developer of the ABC->MusicXML converter.

If you are using 2.0, you will need to wait until the plugin is updated to support 2.0. Or run the plugin from 1.3, import the file, export as MusicXML, then import into 2.0. Or use the online ABC -> MusicXML converter and import the results of that.

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I'm getting the exact same error message as the original report and I am using 1.3 & Windows 7

here's one of the songs, all the one's I've tried are getting the same message

X: 1
T: Kate's Roses
Z: Zina Lee
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FGA ABd|efd e2g|fed B/2c/2de|dAF EDE|
FGA ABd|efd e2g|fed B/2c/2de|fdc d3:|
|:fef a2b|fdc B2c|dBG GBd|AFE E2g|
fef a2b|fdc B2c|dBG B/2c/2dB|AFD D3:|

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