Organ notation and playback

• Oct 2, 2022 - 02:58

Engraved my first piece for organ today. I went through the threads to see if there was any way to vary the sound of the stops. The latest date was in 2020 so I was wondering if there has been any update, workaround etc.


The default font has no different stops. There may be an organ font on the web somewhere that has different stops.

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This is a link to his Google Drive storage. Not a web site, as such.

"This SoundFont contains a Pipe Organ (5 manuals and pedal) with more than 19000 pipes in 279 solo stops. There are also included 165 stop combinations. For details see the stoplist (in txt and rtf format) that comes with this file. I have build this Pipe Organ SoundFont with a SoundBlaster live! You can use it with any soundcard that supports SoundFont 2.01. A polyphony of 64 voices is strongly recommended because there are a lot of stops that uses up to 8 voices on a single note. Load this SoundFont into bank 80 of your soundcard. It will use the banks up to 85"

It's sf2 so if you download it you can put it in your Sound font folder. I would suggest removing other fonts so you aren't mixed up about what is in the font. It's pretty big. I suspect you will need to use instrument changes to change stops. Not sure how to get multiple stops.

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I’ve tried your font and while it gives me an idea of how an organ piece will sound when I select it in the Musescore mixer, it is giving me a rather full organ sound at what appears to be an octave higher than normal.

I couldn't do what bobjp suggests above as the stop names don't appear as instruments in Musescore--at least not for me.

Is there a way on Musescore or through the mixer to choose playback for just an 8’ stop or, for example, an 8’ 4’ 2’ registration?

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