Changing staff sizes within one file

• Oct 2, 2022 - 21:26

I'm creating a workbook and would like to have the staff size change in different sections. So far, I can only locate how to do it for the entire document.

Is there a way to create sections that will allow the staff size to change?

Ex: pages 1-5 have large (staff space of 2.55mm). pages 6-10 have smaller (staff space of 1.75mm). As this is a workbook, there is only one instrument.

Any ideas on how to do this within on document?


Create two staves, one for large size and one for small size. Set the ratio of small to full sized staves in Format->Style->Size. Set the smaller stave to be small by right clicking and in stave properties tick the small stave option. After entering the notes in their respective staves, hide the empty staves by setting hide when empty to always in the stave properties of each stave and enable hide empty staves within systems in Format->Style->Score.

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The method with two staves is probably the better method for your purpose, but for the record, another method would be to add a staff type change element from the Text palette (even though it's not text at all), then select it and use the Inspector to change staff properties. But you'd have to do this everywhere you want to switch back and forth, and it wouldn't be as easy to change the sizes for all in one step. Still, a technique worth knowing about, since it also allows for changes mid-system.

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Your method is another option. I noticed that if it's being used to change the staff size, it will follow the "Small Staff" setting. So it could be used to change the sizes all at once.

In testing, using the staff type change element does allow for quickly hiding barlines. This is a more efficient than using "v" to make the barlines invisible one at a time.

Thanks for the useful new tool.

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