How to change the voice of lyrics

• Oct 4, 2022 - 09:35

Hello everyone.
I'm transcribing a sheet music for choral singing where all four instruments have more or less identical lyrics. I typed in the soprano notes and lyrics, and then copied them to the alto instrument. So far so good. But when I change the alto notes to "voice 2", the lyrics disappear. How can I retain the lyrics when I change the voice (or: how can I change the voice of the lyrics along with the notes)?


Is it an open or closed (e.g., SATB) score?
If all notes are already entered, why do you need to change notes to different voices?
Attaching the score would clarify, along with an explanation of what you are attempting to accomplish.

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It is a four-instrument SATB score. I already entered the soprano notes and lyrics. Now I want to enter the alto, then the tenor, then the bass. Since the note durations are all more or less the same (only the pitches differ), it saves me time to just copy the entire soprano notes and lyrics onto the alto instrument, and fix the pitches. But in this particular case, I want the lyrics to be present on all instruments.

I'm guessing you changed the notes to voice 2 using the voice button. Don't do that. Either use Tools / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-2, or - assuming the goal is to recombine them with soprano onto one staff - don't do this manually at all; let Tools / Implode combine for you.

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