MS4 Breath Marks

• Oct 6, 2022 - 16:38

I couldn't find a bug report on this issue. When a breath mark e.g. "Comma" or "tick" is added and the timer is set to say 3s, there is no pause. If another breath mark, or even a fermata is added, the first breath mark pauses for 3s. If the page is reopened, then everything works like expected. Sometimes, the cursor will stop at the second breath mark with the timer set to 3s, but the playback continues; also noticed with the caesura. It is easy to reproduce.

Sorry I still do not have github, so I cannot report it there.


I confirm this, also confirm what you said during the Café today, that it fixes itself on save/reload. Which means, it also is fixed if you copy the measure then paste it back onto itself (because copy/paste is basically a write and read using the same code as save/reload).

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