Attributing Chord Symbols to a specific voice

• Oct 7, 2022 - 15:01


I've been using Chord Symbols on a staff that contains two voices as follows:

-Voice 1: Melody
-Voice 3: Rhythmic Slash Notation

I added Chord Symbols by selecting voice 3 then copied/pasted some of those Chord Symbols to other measures. When I did that the Chord Symbols were pasted to Voice 1 even though I selected a note in Voice 3. When the pasted Chord Symbols were selected they were blue (Voice 1) and not orange (Voice 3).

The inspector doesn't show any info on Voices for Chord Symbols.

I tried selecting the pasted chords and using Tools>Voices>Exchange Voice 1-3 to no avail. An error message tells me "No staff selected: Please select one or more staves and retry".

This creates a problem in playback as it makes the chords bleed into each other when going from Voice 3 chords to Voice 1 chords and vice versa. For this specific problem the workaround is to select all chords and in the inspector, under Chord Symbol change the Duration from the default "Until Next Chord Symbol" to "Chord/Rest Duration" ; although a general fix would be welcome:

Either only allow entering Chord Symbols on Voice 1 regardless of the Voice the selected note or rest belongs to, or allow changing Voices of Chord Symbols through Exchange Voice or Inspector.


Correction: The proposed workaround for the playback problem doesn't work if the rhythm of the melody is different than the desired chord duration.

It wasn't really intended that chord symbols could exist in any voice but 1, since there really shouldn't be any need for that. No doubt, since you added them in 3, it should continue to work, so that much is a bug, but the solution is simple, just don't use voice 3 for your chords at all.

To fix the chords currently in voice 3, try the following:

  1. right-click any chord symbol
  2. select / all similar elements in same staff
  3. Ctrl+X to cut
  4. select the note/rest that first chord symbol was attached to
  5. Ctrl+V to paste

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Thank you for your answer.

>just don't use voice 3 for your chords at all

Well, I used it only to align the chords to the rhythmic slash voice above the staff (i. e. Voice 3). I don't see how I can align the chords to this rhythmic notation without using Voice 3 especially when Voice 1 doesn't have the same rhythm.

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