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• Oct 7, 2022 - 16:17

Hi all,
I’ve attached a non-sequential bars excerpt of a long score.
Although I've tried by setting a negative value of the segment leading space and decrease the stretch, I did not managed to make the whole score more tight.
Nonetheless I cannot understand what the PDF-to-MuS converter did since some systems have 5 bars together, while other only two per system.
For instance, at bars 6 to 9 of the attached excerpt there are only 2-bars/system, whereas at bars 17 to 20 for instance 4 bars/system and at bars 26 up to the end even 5 bars/system.
Can you please tell me what is making the difference?
Thanks for your help,

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Measures 6-9 have sixteenths all the way through, measures 17-20 do not. So, no big mystery here - more notes need more space.

In general, you should not be using negative leading space here, or stretch for that matter. You should simply choose appropriate style settings.

So, first step here: Ctrl+A to select all, then Format / Stretch / Reset Layout Stretch. Now, Format / Style / Measure, and reduce the Spacing (minimum is 1.0) and if you still need to fit more, either reduce the Minimum note distance here, or - usually better - reduce the staff size in Format / Page Settings.

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