Zero-width invisible rest

• Oct 11, 2022 - 18:50

I have a multi-movement piece in a single file. The 2nd movement has a pick-up measure. I altered the measure to contain more beats, and added a non-printing whole rest before the pick-up note. Problem is, it leaves a large gap when printed. How do I make the invisible rest zero-width? I need the extra duration, but I do not want any trace of it in the printed score.


Do you need that duration there?
I'd opt for making the pickup measure just the length it needs to be (notation wise) and adjust the "pause" property of the section break before it?

Other tricks to apply are to split the measure after your invisible rest, insert a horizontal frame. Set the frame to not include the system header, turn the appropriate barlines of the preceding measure invisible and then use the inspector to give the frame a negative width. In effect this will overlay the next measure (the real pick-up) over the preceding staff lines and invisible rests.

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