Glissandos are still being mutilated by page turns (page view)

• Oct 15, 2022 - 03:37

The lines seem to aim (poorly) for the connecting pitch on the adjacent page, based on its vertical position within the score, rather than where the note actually lies on the individual staff.

Unmodified gliss from E2 to F#2:

Manual tweaks to compensate:

Now place the page break one measure earlier:


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Ah, I didn't know those existed. I just tested it out on both the nightly and my current version. Staves at the top of the system are fine, and then every lower staff gets worse, with the extent of the error increasing with staff distance. No improvement in the nightly as far as I can see.
musescore 3 gliss.png
musescore 4 gliss.png

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