Unfound terms

• Oct 21, 2022 - 16:44

Hello, I have translated MuseScore4 into Finnish. I can't translate some terms. Should I know how to do something? See the pictures.

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That "Show" is "&Show" in Transifex and seems translated to "&Näytä", so should show as "Näytä" with the N being underlined. And it does that in a relative recent nightly build.
"Luo" > "Notes" is (now?) "Lisää" > "Nuotit" (with the N being underlined), so looks correct to me.
"Partituuri" > "Instrumentit" > "Lisää" > "Lähellä" is now "Partituuri" > "Soitimet" > "Lisää" > "Sulje", so looks correct too

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