Failed writing workspace file

• Oct 22, 2022 - 00:43

Whenever I close MuseScore 3, any score, a message pops up saying "Failed writing workspace file C:\ProgramFiles\MuseScore 3\workspaces\Advanced.workspace" (the words might not be exactly those, as I'm using a Portuguese version). Other than popping up, that message doesn't seem to cause any harm at all, but it is annoying to see it come every time I close MS. Maybe I should reinstall MS3?


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Hmm, somethng definitely seems to be wrong, thats not the correct location for MuseScore to try writing to. Did you by chance accidentally delete your AppData folder? Or are you trying to use MuseScore with a different user account than the one it is installed for? Or did you install a Windows update that messed up your folder names and permissions (this happened once last I understand)?

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