Notes an octave too high only in score, not parts.

• Oct 26, 2022 - 00:05

Hi. You'll notice that the first note of the Perc 1 part is the C two octaves above middle C. It should be octave lower than this, as the part correctly shows. Any ideas? This was originally exported from Logic Pro.

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I've had similar issues where a C (an octave above middle C) in the percussion part was transposed down an octave. Only that pitch. In that case, I could select them all and transpose them. This is different because of the discrepancy between the score and the part.

Your score is being displayed with concert pitch turned on whereas the part is not. So, the part is displaying the results of the transposition defined for the staff (the instrument in question - piccolo - does indeed sound an octave higher than written). Probably you didn't really mean for that to be piccolo?

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Thanks, Marc. You're right, I chose piccolo randomly for the percussion instrument. Changing it to piano and having it in concert pitch helped, though I still had to transpose those C's down an octave. No other note needed to be transposed — only the C. I've had this happen with other parts before — the C's were in the wrong octave. Anyway, can I also ask you why I can't change the size of the page numbers on this score?

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