MS4 cresc/dim toggle hairpin vs text

• Oct 26, 2022 - 21:19

Second question of tonight, I promise I'll stop after this (and probably go back to MS3 for now, for workflow speed reasons - this is indeed a major overhaul and will take some getting used to!)

In the new Properties menu I cannot find a way to pick whether a cresc/dim should be a hairpin or text - is this an oversight, am I just not looking hard enough, or is there some other explanation?
Semi-related: I strongly disapprove of the change from collapseable sub-menus to tabs, since I want to keep all relevant things on screen at once. Is there any workaround or will I simply have to get used to new things?

I realise I might come off as anti the entire new edition, which isn't the case - it's just really hard to deal with changes that impact my workflow this much. It could simply be that my preferences are vastly different from most folks', as I've noted with other things such as how phone UIs and sizes have changed over the past five years :(


I don't think there is a way to change your mind about which type of crescendo to add - if you want the text version, better to add it as such that than add the other kind then change it. That's not to say a control couldn't be reintroduced if enough people find it important.

For the overall organization of the Properties panel, for now, it's a "get used to it" thing. At least the current config stays active as you navigate the score, making it less painful to make the same adjustment one by one to multiple elements. There has definitely been feedback that the design could be improved in ways that allow more settings to remain on screen at once, and I have heard it is being considered for a future update.

Meanwhile, if you're concerned with impact to your workflow, definitely, a beta release is not for you. These are people who have extra time on their hands that they don't mind using to help MsueScore 4 be better when it actually releases. FWIW, though, while there are a few things that are less efficient, there are others are more so (like how Properties stays viable even with range selections), and - once you get used to them - the workflows made possible by the new Parts and Instruments panels. But even if you wait for the actual release,e there will be an adjustment period before you can be as fast as before, no doubt.

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