Composing tools

• Oct 27, 2022 - 23:08

First I'd like to say that MS4 is amazing, beautiful work and thank you so much for making it happen.
I see that now some composing tools are included, I have some suggestions for more tools, mostly based on some of the simple things that can be done in OpenMusic (or Max now):
1. Generate harmonic series from a note (choose how many partials, which ones, etc.)
2. Generate chords from a mode (or group of notes) with the options of which voicing
3. Randomizer (either generates or selects from existing options), for durations, pitches, dynamics
4. Orchestrator - this could be effective for arrangers. Based to mood/color presets one can choose a melody or chords and the plugin will apply a formula (user will choose the instruments). With the option to create new presets and share them with other users.

I can provide OM patches (Lisp) that do 1-3 , the idea would be to do it directly on MS without the need to export midi from OM/Max, it provide a better work flow.


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