Suggestions for (Orchestral) notation.

• Oct 28, 2022 - 07:43

This will probably get buried because most of these are graphical and in no way software-breaking, and workarounds probably already exist. Regardless, I hope these suggestions would at least save time for hobby copyists like myself.

  1. I noticed that on PDFs from IMSLP, on any given page where all the instruments are playing at once, the short instrument names are hidden. Is there a way to implement this? Can the software make this automatic? Or at least add a feature where individual short instrument names can be toggled to be hidden/visible?

  2. When the "hidden empty staves" feature is enabled, more often than not, certain pages will only have one system, and close to half the page is blank. In a lot of PDFs, I've noticed that when this COULD be the case, then every other instrument that has empty staves, is shown, to utilize this empty space. Can the "empty hidden staves" feature be expanded to behave this way? Example image:
    Empty space 2nd page piano concerto.png

  3. On any given instrument that is inherently unable to play chords, certain accidentals that apply to one pitch in one voice/instrument won't be applied to another instrument in that same pitch for the sake of the other player. Can the software natively detect "redundant" accidentals where more than one of a particular instrument is notated on one staff? Example image:

  4. Can you make it so that you can choose more than one voice when notating for unison notation?

  5. Awkward bracket behavior when instruments with "divisi" are involved.
    MuseScore's Brackets:
    awkward brackets.png

Desired brackets:
brackets PDf.JPG
brackets PDf 2.JPG


You can certainly delete short instruments, but no way to have them display only on some systems but not others. Seems a reasonable thing, feel free to suggest that via a GitHub issue so the developers can see it.

Regarding showing empty staves, more control is definitely good, but it would need to go beyond just showing all empty staves on pages of a single system. Also, one pages of say two systems, "some" empty staves should be shown - like, all staves that were playing on the previous system, or all staves of the same section, etc. That's kind of a bigger can of worms, but definitely on the radar. probably this will be discussed more after the dust settles on 4.0 a bit more.

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