In 4.0, how to choose specific sound from a soundfont?

• Nov 2, 2022 - 11:19

In 3.6, in the mixer there is a popup "Sound" which allows me to choose a particular sound to play that channel, which is not (necessarily) the same as the instrument name in the score. e.g. for a piece with piano and voice, I prefer to hear the voice part on a cello rather than the "Choir Aaahs" sound.

Is this possible in 4.0b, and if so how do I do it? In the mixer I can choose MS Basic (or Musescore_General_HQ if I copy it in from my 3 installation) but I can't see a way to choose which sound from within it.

In particular I'm wondering how to change chord playback, which doesn't have an associated Instrument in the score, and I can't see how to make it anything other than piano.


As per the release announcement; there is no ability to select other patches from soundfonts directly. This is expected to return in a post 4.0 version.

For now, the workaround would be to select a soundfont/VST that is just cello, or whatever instrument you want. Or select the cello sound in Muse Sounds.

Another workaround for the first case is to change the actual instrument to cello, then change the name back to voice.

It seems to be the case that the soundfont patch used for playback is the patch defined for the "Instrument" as set in the instruments.xml file. I have a custom soundfont with several instruments in it - which are mapped to rough equivalent general MIDI patches. E.g., my Mtn Dulcimer is mapped to the standard guitar patch number. And in the instruments.xml the standard Mtn Dulcimer is also mapped to the general MIDI guitar patch number. I am finding that as I make staffs with "Mtn Dulcimer" as the instrument, and specify my custom soundfont in the mixer, I do get the correct instrument playing back.

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