All of a sudden MuseScore started "not responding" all the time and stopped playing note sounds when editing

• Nov 2, 2022 - 11:32

I tried reinstalling MuseScore: the problem did not go away.
I checked:
1) mixer - everything is fine. nothing is muted, nothing is soloed
2) in the settings "Play notes when editing" is ticked
3) in general sounds are present when I press "PLAY"
Just last week everything was normal. No bugs, no missing sounds.
That all changed when I plugged a midi keyboard and headphones with a sound card into the laptop. I was then, on the contrary, trying to remove those sounds when editing, as they were interfering with my transcription.

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If I don't find a solution to the problem, unfortunately, I'll have to find an alternative to MuseScore, because it's impossible to work that way! Every 5 seconds the program freezes!

Since it seems to be triggered by your new audio devices, what happens if you select the previous devices back in Edit > Preferences > I/O ? Does the behavior normalize again?

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