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• Nov 10, 2022 - 05:47

I've spent so . . . much . . . time trying to figure out sizes. For now, I'm just trying to get the size of the titles on these two pieces to look the same. That's all. It looks to me like the settings are the same, but they're clearly not.


As noted, your scores have very different staff sizes, and most things scale with that. You should probably consider making the staff sizes more similar as well (and margins etc), but if that's not practical for whatever reason, you can exempt titles from scaling by turning off the "Follow staff size" option in the Inspector. In your example, this is already done. You say they are "clearly not" the same size, but I disagree - they look identical in size if I view the score at the same size. I think you are simply being fooled by the different staff sizes, you are probably zooming in more when viewing the small of the two scores. View them both at the same zoom setting, and they look identical in size. You've' made manually adjustments to their position for some reason to they aren't positioned the same (plus as mentioned your margin settings differ), but size is identical.

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Ctrl+0 sets the zoom to 100%, and you can always see or set the current zoom setting on the main toolbar.

Even though instrumentation isn't identical between movements, that doesn't mean you can't use the same staff size, BTW. MuseScore will automatically space things out appropriately to keep the pages similarly full, and fit multiple systems per page where possible, etc. In general, that's probably a more professional look than changing staff size from movement to movement. Slight changes where necessary, sure, but what you have here is a very extreme difference.

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