MS4 Handbook: Key signatures

• Nov 11, 2022 - 23:51

I suggest some changes to Key signatures page. What do You think?

1. In "Delete" chapter, I would also add:
To delete a key signature from one staff only, hold Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) while selecting it and than press Del.

2. Key signatures and transposition
- change title to:
Key signatures and transposed instruments
- and add text:
If score contains transosed instruments, key signatures for theese instruments are adapted automatically.
Key signature is always added at concert pitch. It means, if you want to Clarinet in Bb to have one sharp (G major) in transposed pitch, you need to use one flat (F major) key signature from palette.
Some instruments (French Horn for instance) are conventionaly written with no key signature. To achieve that, you need to add Open/Atonal local key signature to Horn staff (This is already done in scores created from templates).
Open/Atonal key signature looks just like 'C major, A minor' key signature. Difference is, that while transposing score, C major key signature is transposed too, but Open key signature remains always the same, with no accidentals.

3. In "Creating a custom key signature" chapter:

To create a custom signature:

In the "Key signatures" palette, click More, then Create key signature (or Master Palette - Key Signatures)

Drag accidentals onto the staff image as required.
Accidentals are horizontally aligned automatically. If You want to place accidental to custom position, hold Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) while draging it.
To remove accidental select it and press Del.
The Clear button deletes all added accidentals.
To add the completed signature to the main palette, click Add.

Custom key signatures and transpososed instruments
Also custom key signatures are adapted to transposed instruments automatically.


These sound like good changes, go ahead!

Not that Ctrl to select a single key signature is important to know not just for deleting, but for anything, including changing key signature, setting properties, etc.

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