Removing an Instrument Staff in Musescore 4

• Nov 15, 2022 - 11:03


I have started using MuseScore 4, and an issue that has been bugging me for a while. My first language isn't english, therefore my terminology might be wrong, but I will attempt to explain clearly.

Concerning instruments that use two staffs, like the Piano which uses both a treble and bass clef, I have been trying to remove the staff that uses the bass clef, as it is not used. While I could easily remove that staff in MuseScore 3, in the instrument browser, I am unable to do it in MuseScore 4, as the option doesn't appear in the instrument selection menu. I have looked everywhere but I do not how to remove them.

I attached to picture to help clarify. Help is greatly appreciated.

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I had an issue here, where I had three staffs and wanted to remove one of them. As it happens, the two staffs that I want to retain are removable via the method in the video, but the staff I wanted to remove does not have a “garbage can” icon available. The way to fix this was to rearrange the order of staffs: after moving the unwanted staff to the bottom of the staff order, it was removable.

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