lyrics are not copied correctly when two or more verses and REPEAT are present

• Nov 23, 2022 - 16:21

Hi all,
The attached file (a Junk score) contains at the beginning two verses from measure 3 to measure 6 included, whereas the REPEAT goes from m. 3 to m. 8 included.
When I use COPY LYRIC TO CLIPBOARD from the TOOLS pop-down menu all the lyric containing verse 1 up to m. 8 included it is copied as expected.
At this point the verse 2 lyric is copied, and it is copied correctly up to the end of verse 2 lyric at m. 6 included, then it skips lyrics verse 1 at m. 7 and 8 and carries-on with lyrics verse 1 as from m. 9 up to the end.
Isn't this a wrong behavior?

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Junk.mscz 16.79 KB

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