[solved] Is it possible to upload only for the forum?

• Nov 24, 2022 - 02:05

So far I haven't been uploading any scores to the MuseScore website. However, quite often I have a problem to ask about on the forum and that problem can be easily illustrated in three of four measures of score. One one hand, uploading only three or four measures to the website would probably spoil the reputation of the website, but, on the other hand, attaching a file to a message on the forum creates problems for a supporter (firstly downloading, then opening up the download folder, then opening up the file itself) that could be otherwise avoided if I simply provide a link in the message to the uploaded snippet. So, I wonder, is there any way to upload scores to the website in the way when it's only visible to the forum, but not to the general public?


Not sure what you mean about spoiling reputation. Attaching a score directly to post is simple and direct and should cause no problems whatsoever. It's simpler for you, simpler for people wanting to help - win win.

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"Attaching a score directly to post is simple and direct and should cause no problems whatsoever. It's simpler for you, simpler for people wanting to help"

-- Yes, but, as far as I understand, they will still have to download the attached file and then open it up on their computer, which still takes some time as opposed to simply viewing and listening through the score on the forum thread thanks to the provided link in the post to the uploaded file.

Consider the way you shared the "Dusk" on this thread: https://musescore.org/en/node/336573#comment-1147774
There, instead of attaching a file to the post, you have provided a link to this section of MuseScore website (where you had previously uploaded the "Dusk"): https://musescore.com/user/2975/scores/8880078

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That's different, though - for Dusk, the goal was to simply let people hear what Muse Sounds is like, and specifically, to hear it without needing to actually install MuseScore 4 and Muse Sounds for themselves.

Whereas to provide in using MuseScore, merely looking at or even listening to someone's score is almost never sufficient - we almost always need to load it into MuseScore for ourselves in order to understand what is going on and how to advise people best. So given we're going to need to download anyhow, doing so from a file attached here is just a single click. Having to follow a link over to another site and download from there is more work.

So, if your goal is to share a score to get help with some MuseScore problem as you initially said, then attaching it here is bar the simples. But if you're just wanting to let people see and hear your music, musescore.com is the way to go. No real need to post here at all, really, although there is a forum "Made with MuseScore" especially for that purpose.

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