Problem with publishing score with Clint Goss Native American Flute fingering diagram extension

• Nov 25, 2022 - 18:41

I am writing scores for Native American flute, using the Clint Goss Native American Flute fingering diagram extension.

In the MuseScore app, it looks like this:
Wendeyaho - dmdiam.mscz
NAF in app.jpg

When published on, it looks like this:
NAF published.jpg

What is wrong? How do I fix it?

I am using:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

David D.


The plugin makes use of a special Text Font which displays those diagrams as the visual symbols for other characters (in your case numbers). But doesn't have this font installed, nor does it support custom fonts. AFAIK it only supports the built-in fonts from MuseScore (Edwin/FreeSans/FreeSerif), whichever fonts happen to be installed by default on their server (Times/Arial) and Google Fonts.

You can "fix" this by replacing those characters by images (SVG for best quality). For example by taking a screen capture from the plugin result using the built-in Image Capture tool from MuseScore itself.

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Thanks, jeetee.

I found the screen capture function.  But the "Transparent background" option does not seem to work.  I tried it as copy and paste, and I tried it as Save as PNG, but I could not figure out how to paste from a file, so I do not know if the PNG image has a transparent background.


I do not know if I can use this approach anyway because it is too labor intensive when making changes to the score.  I would like to invite people to compose and upload their own NAF scores.  But that would be too much to ask of other composers with whom I would like to share this technique.  The plugin requires deleting all fingering charts, and then re-running it to do the entire score.  Then, one would need to copy and paste each image in the score.  One would need to do this after every change to the score.

Any suggestions, either within MuseScore 3, or as a feature request for MuseScore 4?

David D.

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