Downloaded Guitar Instrument, Sounds for all instruments completely rearranged

• Nov 26, 2022 - 19:57

Hello all,
I downloaded a telecaster guitar to my Musescore application and it worked but now I'm trying to hear the MIDI playback of a percussion ensemble piece, as well as rewrite it for a wind ensemble, and the sounds all seem to be perhaps the top instrument as default in the mixer, or it plays percussion instruments as the telecaster. I'm specifically trying to fix my chimes sound but the chimes sound is no longer and option in the mixer's sound list. I imported the guitar sound through the synthesizer when I did, I don't necessarily need the guitar sounds anymore, that piece is already exported into mp3, but how do I get my chime sounds back and not have to dig for each instrument's individual sound for the rest of my life?
I did already try opening the mixer and loading the default Musescore sounds to the score (like with the 'load to score' button) that didn't seem to do anything.


When you add a single instrument, it,is added to the top of the instrument list by default. So all your instruments are off. MuseScore can't find the correct ones. Go into the synthesizer and either move the guitar to the bottom of the list (you might want to use it again) or delete it. Either way, instruments are back in proper order.

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