No (SFZ) soundfonts seen to select/add

• Nov 28, 2022 - 17:53

(Ubuntu Linux 20.04) I want to add a SFZ library. The library is contained under subdirectory "/oflow/vsco_2_ce" and for the purposes of this question, we only focus on Woodwinds, Bassoon.

Opening View->Synthesizer->Add displays only the default MS instruments. I've configured MS Preferences (for SoundFonts) to point to the desired "/oflow/vsco_2_ce". The contents of BassoonStac.sfz (here with extension _.txt to allow upload here) shows it is pointing to the correct subdir where .WAV files reside.

What am I missing or mis-configuring, such that I can't add the SFZ library of instruments? Thanks.


Thanks to Marc & jeetee for their guidance. This whole journey into SoundFonts and SFZ libraries was an attempt to possibly find a snare (or other) drum that when rolled, would sound reasonable. I guess the faster rolls will always sound "over-triggered". I had thought that some yet-found SoundFont or SFZ item would produce a rolling snare sound I could be happy with.

It remains to be seen how the MS4 / MuseSounds will sound in this context.

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