Musescore 4 | Input Duration

• Nov 29, 2022 - 10:13

I like it in the old versions that I can instantly halve or double the duration of the last note by typing "Q"&"W"(under input mode), which I think is very efficient. But in 4.0 beta, "Q"&"W" becomes to work on the next note to input. Is there any way to switch between the two methods?

Also, the numpad seems not to work when modifying duration.


This isn't a bug, it was a deliberate design change intended to help with guitar tablature - by reducing reliance on numeric keys for duration since they are used for frets instead, I guess. I'm not a fan personally, but the decision was made.

Meanwhile, Shift+Q/W continue to work as before for correcting errors where you forget to change duration first.

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