Start of Musescore takes 3 minutes.

• Nov 29, 2022 - 14:10

Start of Musescore takes 3 minutes.
Windows dont run automatically in energy saving mode when Musescore is open.
Can someone help me?


This could happen for any of several reasons, but the most common are:

1) You have a network printer specified as you default, and it's taking that long to respond or not responding at all. Solution is to choose a different printer as your default.


2) You have an extremely large set of soundfonts set to load by default (for example, if you are using the MDL extension). Solution is to remove those soundfonts in View / Synthesizer (check both Fluid and Zerberus tabs)

[EDIT] What he said, except I apparently swapped the order of known causes ;-)

1.) Do you have MDL installed? Or other (sfz) soundfonts?
Those are loaded into memory upon launch; for me, MDL takes up to 5 minutes. Removing those soundfonts from the synthesizer if you're not using them can help

2.) Any chance your default printer is a network printer?
When starting up, MuseScore asks Windows for the default paper size. Windows in turn goes and asks it from the printer. But if that is a currently sleeping/unavailable network printer then Windows hangs for several minutes in that question, before returning an answer to MuseScore. During that time, MuseScore is hanging.

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