Order of play of sections

• Nov 29, 2022 - 23:03

Is this a legit way to define how a piece is played?
I've defined sections: Verse, Chorus, Instrumental, Coda and then at the end I've added this:

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

As an example, you can see my score here:


I'm not sure I understand the question, but if you're asking if it's advisable to put the "roadmap" in a separate block of text for humans to read and interpret, rather than using standard music notation, I'd say, if as a last resort it's the only way to do the job, then go for it. But in case like this, traditional repeats and DC would do the job far more clearly, and would have the benefit of MuseScore being able to follow it as well:

||: V | C (to Coda) :|| I | DC al Coda | Coda

You're almost there. What would be required is to add a "D.C. al Coda" to the end of the Instrumental Bridge, and go "To Coda" at the end of the Chorus. Of course mark the Coda with an actual Coda marking as well.

Just adding these three symbols from the Repeats Palette makes your score playback correctly and removes the need to specify the order at the bottom of the score.

In the attached example I've also replaced the location indicators (system texts) with rehearsal marks, because that's basically their function.

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