Multiple Fingering options (hide/unhide) "by layer"

• Dec 3, 2022 - 19:26

Currently, musescore supports fingerings that are sequentially specific but not extractable by voice. I would find the feature set useful if fingerings could be extracted not only by voice (visible/invisible) but also by layer.

For instance, one can save an arrangement each with it's own fingering and one can select all similar elements and hide or unhide, but I imagine it would not be that difficult to engineer layers of fingerings that could be superimposed above/below (like verses in a hymn), substituted (selected fingering is placed where layer 1 fingering was engraved) or hidden.

The benefit of this feature, besides flexibility, is that it would obviate having several editions of the same piece, for performers who like to compare the fingerings of professionals or just like to keep track of their own development and breakthroughs.

Of course it would be great to have hotkey shortcuts so that if one was going to come up with say 5 or 6 different fingerings for a given passage one could open them all at once and only add the fingerings that were different.

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