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• Dec 5, 2022 - 09:22


I'm very new to music. I've been looking into the score of a song (Apocalypse - Cigarretes After Sex) with multiple instruments. I isolated the synthetizer. When I see the staff it shows only whole notes. However, when I press play, it plays those notes but also some kind of arpeggio with some other notes that are not shown in the staff. This is evident when I select the piano keyboard and see the other notes being played. I need help to learn how to see this hidden notes and also how to silence them. I have already tried isolating voices in the selection filter, but no matter which ones I select, it still sounds the same.

Also when I go into the Mixer and change the sound, those notes dissapear, but I want to make them go away without changing the synth sound.

Thanks in advance.

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Attach the score itself if you want step by step advice. A picture doesn't show us the invisible things because those are... invisible ;-)

But for muting/soloing things, check out the mixer (F10):
If an entire instrument was set to invisible, you'd find that instrument (and the checkbox for it) either in "Edit > Instruments" and/or via the visibility column in the Timeline View (F12)

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Hey, thanks for the info. I realized however that I wasn't taking into account that the piano keyborad has an algorithm that "listens" and shows the notes being played. And the warm synth (instrument that I had isolated) had this sort of arpeggio effect. Those invisible notes (the C that appears in grey in the image that I uploaded) were that. Depending on the instrument I chose, they would appear or dissapear. But they were mostly common in the synths. Anyway, thanks and I hope this helps other newbies like me.

I uploaded the score. It's Apocalypse by C.A.S

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