Dead note Musescore 4

• Dec 8, 2022 - 02:12

Hi guys, is there a way to play dead notes for guitar in musescore 4??
(I dont mean palm muting)

Thanks in advance


It's not clear what you do mean, but, in general, Shift+X is the shortcut for ghost note in tab. If you mean standard notation, you'd have to explain more about the notation you want. If it's an "x" notehead, see the Properties panel.

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You can add the "mute" text from the palette to play with a muted sound. I'm not a guitarist so I'm not clear on the distinction you are making between this type of muting and palm mute. But basically, if the sound is part of the General MIDI standard, or you have a specialty soundfont for the sound, MuseScore can do it.

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Sorry for necroposting, but palm muting = right hand, at the very end of the string, and it just muffles the sound leaving it with just the bass frequencies + the attack, whereas muting = left hand (generally), you cover the string partway through instead of at its origin point, and you do so with several fingers, covering a meaningful amount of the string, which means that you stop all vibrational modes and not just the higher ones as in palm muting, and you're left exclusively with the rhythmic attack sound

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The ghost note or (dead note) is a very important tool of expression, actually, in the electric bass and mostly in the funk and fusion genres. Certainly it is so also for the rock guitar (or many other genres) but it is something very different from the palm-muted technique. It is about adding or alternating percussive sounds produced by plucking the note with the fingers of the right hand in the usual way, for a bass player, while the fingers of the left hand only touch the string, without pressing hard on the fretboard to play the note, but just enough to produce a dull, blocked sound. It is a system that is also used a lot in slap bass and would be an excellent function to add to Musescore 4, in terms of sound reproduction of the score. Graphically, in standard notation, the issue does not exist since it is sufficient to replace an «x» at the head of the note, which is the usual way of indicating a ghost note. The "problem" arises when you play the score in Musescore which does not have a suitable sound. Perhaps a very short video can better clarify what is meant by «ghost note» on an electric bass:

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This is tedious and fiddly, but I have discovered a potential work around.

Writing music

  1. Add a Guitar instrument part
  2. Add a second Snare Drum part (or whatever instrument you are mimicing
  3. Add all the standard notes to the guitar
  4. For the dead note add a new voice, change the note head to X. Go into the property of the note and uncheck play. If you are using a linked tab you can move the X to the correct string.
  5. Add the same "dead note" to the snare drum part for sound later
  6. Delete or hide all the extraneous rests from the guitar part

    Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 20.56.27.png

Hiding the Snare Drum

There are two methods of making a part invisible - either hiding the part by clicking the eye (like the Alto) or hiding the stave by clicking the little arrow next to the part and then clicking the eye on the line below it (in this case percussion)

In the first case, hiding a part mutes it as well, which is not what we want. But n the second case hiding the stave only and opening the mixer means that clicking S on each instrument sounds it.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 21.00.14.png

Yes this is overly complex but it works for me and also could be used for other percussive guitar sounds

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hamsandwichnow wrote > How do you put links in like that?

Just paste a .com URL. Simple as that. Anything published on .com will play here. You can also link to anything others have posted on .com

And you can get a "embed link" so you can have the score play elsewhere on a webpage, for instance if you have a website.


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Ah, that is a lot easier.

  1. Go into Muse Hub, download MuseScore 4.2
  2. Select MuseSounds for MuseScore Guitar vol 1.
  3. Write Guitar music and set the notehead to dead note X
  4. Open Mixer and change the sound to something other than MS Basic

    Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 14.14.23.png

No need for an extra part or fiddling the note playback - just set the notehead.

I guess I can relegate my fiddly extra hidden part workaround to some odd unsupported sound effect techniques.

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