Recording Notation from midi keyboard

• Dec 14, 2022 - 22:59

Please could we have the feature to allow recording in notes from a midi keyboard in a future update?


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You can record both hands simultaneously. But Midi can't tell which one sounded which note. Midi data just does not include that information. You, or some guessing software will have to generate that information. During import Musescore allows you to set a pitch threshold to split the notes into two separate staves, but if you look at anything but the most basic piano music you will see that there is a considerable overlap of pitches notated on the upper and lower staves. The right hand often plays below middle C, the left hand often plays above middle C. The AI to decide reliably which pitch belongs on which stave just doesn't exist as far as I know (which may not be far enough of course).

I’ve been exploring MuseScore 4 now for a few weeks but I still haven’t found a way to record parts in with a midi keyboard by playing along to a click?

Is this actually possible in MuseScore 4? I’ve used other score programs such as Sibelius and Presonus Notion and these allow you to play along to a click in time but I can’t find this on MuseScore?

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Thanks Marc! Yes I've tried the Real-Time (metronome) note input but this is too limited for my requirements. I need to be able to record parts in real time like in (Presonus Notion, Finale, Overture and Sibelius) or my DAW's.
I own Presonus Notion and I literally prefer everything about MuseScore 4 to Notion apart from being able to actually play along to a click. Is this planned for a future update?

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