Text issue for Mac users: letters get spammed when trying to add accent to character

• Dec 15, 2022 - 09:47

For mac users when inputting text into title/composer etc. on the New Score window: when trying to input a character with an accent above it (e.g. é) when pressing and holding the letter MuseScore creates both the popup option tab for which accent you wish to choose as well as simultaneously spamming the letter multiple times until you released the key. Screenshot attached. Many thanks!:0)

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Here in Mac Ventura 13.5.2 I press option-e to get the accent, then type e to get é.

This approach works fine in general, in any text field I try. And it works in the New Score wizard Title field (no pop up appears) and it works in the Title field in the score.

Another approach is to use open Emojis and Symbols and locate the symbol you want. Then you can double click to enter it in the open text field, or copy-paste.

MuseScore 4.2.1

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Bonsoir, merci pour votre post mais, cela ne résout pas la question. Il faudrait pouvoir sélectionner l'un ou l'autre des accents possibles. Sur mac ceci se fait en maintenant la touche de la lettre concernée. Le maintien de la touche ouvre une fenêtre popup qui propose le ou les accents possible(s) et permet de sélectionner l'accent souhaité. En parcourant divers forums il me semble avoir lu qu'un autre logiciel que musescore présente le même bug. Car il s'agit d'un bug. Ceci depuis au moins la version 2 de musescore, dans la 3 et maintenant la 4. Trés dommage.
Merci encore pour votre réactivité.

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Unfortunately MuseScore interferes with native text input in quite in a few ways.

You can enter accents if they're one of the "dead key" versions -- e.g. on a US keyboard type option-e followed by the letter you want accented to get an acute accent; option-` to get a grave accent; option -i to get a circumflex; option-u to get an umlaut; option-n to get a tilde.

Holding down a key to get a popup menu of all the possible accents for that letter unfortunately doesn't work in MuseScore.

Another method is to use the the Unicode Hex Input keyboard - you can hold down option and enter the 4 digit unicode to get any character - but again unfortunately MuseScore interferes with this so it doesn't work there.

The other way to do it -- which does actually work in MuseScore -- is to use the "Show Emoji & Symbols", search/browse for the character you want (either by name or unicode hex code)), and click on the symbol to insert it. That's obviously not ideal if you have a lot of accented characters.

So of the 4 methods above for entering special characters, only 2 work with MuseScore.

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