Musescore 4: Disable auto mute when selecting a section

• Dec 15, 2022 - 14:17

Anyone know of a way to disable the automatic muting of every other track when selecting a section? e.g. I have the classical orchestra template open, and if I click the Flutes section everything is muted except Flutes. I could see this being handy but it's really frustrating when I just want to set the playhead and hear everything.


I'm still hoping they change this to either require a modifier key or at least 2 staves or 2 bars before defaulting to selection-only playback.

Currently my approach is to press Esc once to clear that selection rectangle. It seems the start of the selection is maintained as playback position.

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I think it would be a nice behavior as long as there's some shortcut to then select all the instruments within that selection. So If I alt-clicked a bar for example it would select that bar and the same bar in all the other instruments.
My main gripe atm is just getting the playhead where I want it. My instinct is to just click a bar and then hit spacebar and that works but only for solo playback.

I must say that I agree here. I can see why this is implemented, but in practice it has only been annoying so far.

If I had selected with Shift or Control, then this would make total sense. But not when I have just clicked somewhere to indicate where I want the playback to start.

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