Musescore 4 Reverb

• Dec 16, 2022 - 02:26

Please give users an option to turn off reverb on musescore 4. Particularly with muse sounds. The playback sounds messy and makes writing somewhat harder, especially when writing music that is not for a "concert hall" setting.


heard someone said some years ago, in Music Industry,
producer / maker need to provide Wet and Dry tracks to their clients on same piece.

i'm not in this field, so don't know it's true or not.

but MS4 default audio just too wet.

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Same here. I'm starting to get nervous that version 4 will never have proper audio support on Linux, because people are complaining the Linux developers aren't interested in supporting VST and VSTI. Version 3 had a beautiful reverb, presumably through fluidsynth or such, and it has done an excellent job of providing the features I need. Will I be able to say the same for MuseScore 4 without going to Windows or Mac (which I do not care for?)

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MuseScore 4.1 will have a new native reverb feature that will not require VST and will be an order of magnitude more efficient than the older one, plus it will be completely customizable in how much is applied per channel. And yes, on Linux too. It's already available in the nightly builds.

It is indeed a shame that no Linux users with the necessary programming experience seem to value VST support enough to have yet volunteered to make that happen - I'd certainly like to see it. On the other hand, there are also relatively few VST instruments on Linux, maybe that's what the Linux development community hasn't jumped on this already.

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Do you mean in the reverb unit that it being added for 4.1? It's not fully implemented yet, and I'm not sure there will those kind of specific controls in the initial release. For that you'd want need VST effects, if you want do this within Musecore - so hopefully other Linux users also find this important enough that someone volunteers to work on it. But, if you're wanting that level of control, probably even to add it later to the generated audio in a DAW, so you have full control over where and how it is applied.

the few minutes I tested pipe organ in version 4, using Marc Sabatella's soundfont splitter, I gave the reverb a try. It has chorus, and it's always there.

Again, can't use this software.

I agree, and the regression of new default reverb since MuseScore 4.1.x is excessively unreasonable and peculiar, and also causes too much distortion of custom SoundsFonts: I’ve been downgrading to older versions of MuseScore to avoid it, because the default is not configurable. There is however a laborious workaround for many users, to individually disable the “Aux sends: Reverb” in Mixer for every instrument in every file. FYI: previous issue discussions at and

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You don't need to individually disable the reverb for each instrument - just do it globally in the aux channel itself. You can enable the disable of the aux channel via the "..." menu for the mixer.

The amount of reverb is not more than it was in MU3, so you really shouldn't be needing to turn it down just get the same kind of sound as before. But if you have a special reason to need to for some particular score, it's just a single click.

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I'm doing new scores in Jojo's fork, which he calls MuseScore 3.7. Musescore 4 is not finished, in my opinion. I know there are people who don't like that view, but nonetheless, it's my opinion.

If you have Windows, and use VST, and don't need a pianoroll editor, I guess it's OK for you.

Just upgraded to MS4 and agree totally re the reverb - my only gripe (so far!). Luckily kept my MS3 so I've exported my MS4 score to MusicXML file and loaded it into MS3 to,listen to it - transfer took almost no time. It's so much better. Look forward to a seeing next version notes announcing that the revber has been cured.

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Thanks, Marc. If the reverb is the same in the new and older versions then there must be some other difference. As others have remarked, the sound in the new V4.1 seems nothing like as good as in V3.x. It struck me immediately between the ears!

I turned the reverb in V4.1 right down on all the voices and it didn't make any significant improvement. Played through V3.x it sounded to me a lot better.

Having said that, V4.1 is a great improvement to a great program and I will continue with it, even if I have use V3.x for mp3s, etc.

Is there any way of transplanting V3.x sound into V4.1 for the time being???

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I'm confused - are you talking about the revern or the actual instrument sounds? The instruments in sounds in MU4 should be light years better than MU3 - assuming you downloaded Muse Sounds. If you didn't download Muse Sounds, or disabled them, or are using instruments not available in Muse Sounds (like guitar), then the default soundfont MS Basic is used instead. That should be virtually identical to MU3

But whether using Muse Sounds or MS Basic, the amount of reverb applied by default should be also very similarly. And unlike MU3, you can now control the amount of reverb applied instrument-by-instrument if you want, as well as globally per score.

If you're having some sort of problem where you are hearing something worse, that's not right. Best to start a new thread and your MU3 score so we can compare for ourselves. Please also describe the problem in more detail - what you are hearing that you are perceiving as not as good - so we can understand and assist better.

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I owe you both thanks and apology! Firstly, I haven't downloaded Muse Sounds so perhaps I should do so before pursuing any points re V4.1 sound. Secondly, I am very new to V4.x and, in exploring following your helpful comments, I have got the V4.1 sounds much better. Thirdly, I think the pieces I've been working on are more demanding sound-wise than most of what I have done previously. I'll now shut up on this subject and just keep an eye on the threads!

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