Freezes/Crashes when doing anything

• Dec 16, 2022 - 05:52

This has been happening for a while, since the RC and a couple of nightlies before that. Virtually every action causes MS4 to freeze, requiring an exit using Task Manager. Usually it happens from the Project Manager, either trying to create a new project or open an existing one. I then open a new instance of MS4, which (usually) allows me to create the project or open one. Editing the file tends to be okay, but again freezes up when trying to save the file.

I've tried completely uninstalling, removing all traces of MS4 including in AppData (Roaming and Local), and completely cleaning out the registry of any references to MS4. Nothing seems to work. As mentioned, this has been going on for a few builds now, whereas during the alpha and early beta things worked beautifully. This started happening right around the time when the update to MuseSounds had an issue with MS4, and hasn't worked since.

System is a Windows 10 (latest updates), i7 7700k, 32GB RAM, 6BG 1060 graphics and running off an SSD. I've attached logs from the last couple of times I tried to open MS4.



Strange...seems to be fine on my primary monitor, but not my secondary monitor. I prefer to use MS on my secondary monitor, however. Must be something to do with the QT window handling code.

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A quick comment from a MS newbie. I was seeing not hard freezes but inexplicable delays when nothing much was going on. It's a choral score SATB with accompaniment, 2 1/2 pages only. I ended up on this post through searching. I also see the problem on my much preferred secondary monitor (28" 4K). I hope this is somewhere in the bug reports. EDIT: I was premature in saying the problem is not present when working on my primary monitor. Just as bad, unfortunately. I cannot prove it yet, but it seems to get worse the longer the Musescore program is open.

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