Selecting individual notes in chords for copy/paste

• Dec 16, 2022 - 17:19

Feature request: Selecting multiple individual notes in chords for copy/paste actions. Also great would be a command which lets you select all top or bottom voices in a preselected chord passage in one go.


Are you aware of Tools / Explode? It covers most of the things one might otherwise have to resort to selecting by position for. Anyhow, if you attach your score and explain in more detail what you are trying to do, we can both help you accomplish the task most efficiently today, and help brainstorm how it could be improved in the future.

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In this score I hope to show what I have in mind. I created a sequence of 3-note chords and decided then that I would like to take the top voice of the sequence, duplicate it and put it in a flute staff. That way the flute would double the top voice of the chord sequence.
The way I did it in this example was copying the chord sequence, pasting it in the flute staff and then delete one by one the lower notes of the chords. It would have been really helpful if I would have been able to simply select the individual notes of the chords by command clicking, or even better with a keyboard command to select the top voice of the sequence.

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FWIW, this is exactly the sort of thing Explode can make quick work of - distributing the notes of a chord to separate staves. All you would have needed to do was add two more staves for the other notes, explode onto the three staves, then delete the other two staves if you didn't want them.

The plugins mentioned can also simplify the job of selecting notres to delete.

The problem with allowing copy/paste of discontinuous selections is how to handle anything but the very simplistic easycases like this. For instance, what if instead of selecting the top note of each chord, it was one note in one chord, another note in a different chord in another measure, another notes on a different staff entire, plus maybe a dynamic symbol somewhere else, etc. Copy/paste kind of depends on being able to work in full ranges.

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