Menu rendering issues

• Dec 16, 2022 - 23:48

I'm having weird artifacts with the menus in Musescore 4. They appear with black borders around them. The only thing I can think of that is a bit unusual about my system is that I run it at 125% pixel scaling (i.e. 120 DPI) and 125% font scaling, even though my screen is only 1400x900.

I've seen this problem once before, and it was an issue with Edge's hardware acceleration. But I don't see any sign that Musescore 4 is using hardware acceleration, let alone a way to disable it.

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I'm experiencing this issue as well.

System information, as given in Help -> About -> Revision:
OS: Arch Linux, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-, revision: github-musescore-musescore-

I also happen to have a somewhat unusual DPI on my system (although I can't remember the exact details — was too long ago since I set up my system).

— Joel

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